Doll Comparison

There are many kinds of dolls, many brands, many types . Dolls I usually collect and work with are mainly “fashion bjd” types. In this section I wish to show you differences between each brand. (I am just showing some of dolls I was able to gather, there are many more great brands out there! ). This page is mainly for collectors and I think they find it helpful !

  1. Popovy Sisters (4gen Quetzal face)
  2. Chimera doll (new gen)
  3. Inamorata (3rd gen)
  4. PashaPasha Mini Crave
  1. Broken Maiden Lucas
  2. Menagerie Venus (1st gen)
  3. Menagerie Saturn (3rd gen, narrow arms)
  4. Alenka Amicus Urfin
  5. PashaPasha Hunger XY Mini
  6. PashaPasha Hunger XY Original size
  1. Enchanted Doll (resin)
  2. Inspire Doll (1st generation)
  3. Numina
  4. Sybarite (resin)
  5. Deva (1st generation)
  6. Tender Creation Kira (1st generation)
  7. Menagerie Doll (2015?)
  8. A-C – (Aand B) Popovy Sisters 2nd gen, (C) Popovy Sisters 3rd gen
  9. (M) PashaPasha Mini, (O) PashaPasha Original
  1. Popovy Sisters (4gen)
  2. Free Fantasy Dolls (new body Guru face)
  3. Broken Maiden (Nue )
  4. Fashion Royalty (vinyl)
  5. The Janchor (mannequin)
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