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I created DOLL QUIDE for you. Many people asking me for details about mesurement, proportions of different brands doll bodies. Fact is, that there are so many amazing artists out there, that choosing one doll is almost impossible. I would like to show you some of most known brands of dolls, differences between them. 



Picture shows :




4. SYBARITE resin

5. DEVA (1st body generation)

6. TENDER CREATION (1st body generation)

7. MARMITE SUE (new active body)

8A. POPOVY SISTERS (2nd body generation, high heeld feet)

8B. POPOVY SISTERS (2nd body generation , ballet feet)

8C. POPOVY SISTERS (3rd body generation, high heeled feet)




Some words about each doll:

1. ENCHANTED DOLL - dolls made by Marina Bychkova, a russian artist, in fact my adventure with dolls started from that dolls. She produces porcelain and resin dolls. The one on the picture is from a resin line called RED. Enchanted dolls looks so gentle and fragile. Head is very small, and I realized that Asian and Europen heads are little different in size. Asian are little smaller (so some of very hardcap wigs could not fit properly).  She can shear some of the clothes with Fashion Royalty 12" (FR2 bodies).  She has no magnetic hands or feet. Lot of you asked me if they are worth the price - I think it depend how you will treat her, if like a princess, if she will wear beautifully made detailed dresses - so my answer is yes ! 

2. INSPIRE DOLL - a simple doll in body building made by a russian team Irina Skvortsova & Marina Skvortsova, that surprised me with her posing ability. She's very flexible, you can easily can hold any position, she came really nice strung. Doll has bigger head than other dolls. It's a perfect doll for people who are not fans of many joints. Girls working on their dolls all the time, and develop the brand - you can find new facemolds, clothes and accessories made by them - on their website. Doll has no magnetic hand or feet. 

3. NUMINA -  doll created by Paul Pham, one of my very first favorite dolls. You can choose many faces, that one is Devon, one of the first. Numinas have amazing beautiful simple facemolds. Pham creates also ooak dolls that are a trully piece of art. Numina can shear some of wigs with Tender Creation Kira. Doll has no magnetic hands or feet.

4. SYBARITE resin - a trully queens of fashion dolls , made by SUPERDOLL team. I was sewing a lot for them in the past. A resin line is very interesting. These dolls are heavy, the heaviest dolls in that size I think (similar to mini Pasha, but I think Pasha is lighter). I restrung resin Sybarites few times, they have very unique system body inside - legs mechanism is totally different. They can't pull legs on sides to much, like other dolls because of that legs building. They looks extremely gorgeous in clothes. They have quite big brest and butt. You can find also an X generation that is a vinyl line, but I much prefer resin line. X generation are thinner, they can shear some wigs with Tender Creation. Facemolds of resin line are beautiful, and you can choose variety of them. Feet are unique. Doll has no magnetic hands or feet.

6. TENDER CREATION - beautifully done dolls by Anna Dobryakova. The thing I should mention is that they are made of really good resin quality, the same level as Popovy. Hands are so nice done with a visible long nails. They are quite tall, I think little bigger even from Pasha mini. She has a head similar to Numina heads in size. Anna is working on new generation of that body right now, and new feet - that is a happy news cause I was counting for more feet option from that brand. As far we have only flat or semi heeled version. Doll has no magnetic hands or feet. Tender has bigger butt than Popovys.

7. MARMITE SUE - a really unique dolls form a Eli Effenberger. She does porcelain and resin dolls. She's one from the artist I admire for her hard work in improvement her brand. She created a Menagerie Dolls brand , I was following her since some time but just not so long ordered her doll. I am just amazed by the body engineering ! That could scared at first, but when you look some more you will love it. I think it's one of the most good (for me as far the best) posing abilities doll I ever seen. She looks like a ballet dancer, and she IS a ballet dancer. Eli did incredible job with hands. I was afraid of them at first, but they looks so fragile, but they are made of little flexible resin, so they won't break easily. Quality of resin is very good. Doll can shear wigs with Popovy dolls. Doll has very unique feet. Doll has no magnetic hands or feet, but there are magnets in heels to attached extra parts (like ornamented heels).


8A-C. POPOVY SISTERS -  dolls created by Popovy twins. Dolls are made of very nice quality of resin. There are 3 body types, I,II,III . II and III bodies have the same legs, feet and arms, you can choose extra hands (rat version). You can choose magnetic hands and feet, that is very comfortable in putting on clothes. There are lot of beautiful facemolds, each head is little different in sizes. Landy's head is the largest I saw I think. Bony and Peewet have smaller heads. These heads can shear wigs with Marmite Sue Orchid. :) Lot of you ask me if I and II and III bodies can shear clothes ? I and II bodies are quite similar so they can shear clothes, but III generation has much bigger bust part with very pointy nipples, so you won't be able to put on her any of I and II bras for example. (maybe if they will be very elastic?) . Panties/pants could be shear between all types of bodies. Posing ability is very good, dolls posing gently , they are very photogenic. 



9M-O. PASHAPASHA MINI and ORIGINAL - dolls made by Pasha Setrova from New York. Very unique and characteristic dolls I think. Doll is quite heavy, heavier than other dolls in such scale . You can choose MINI - that is  about 43cm, and ORIGINAL size - that is about 53cm. Both dolls are identical, just have different scale. Pasha invented very interesting arms system. Posing ability is very nice. Pasha is an artist who creates on and on new accessories for her dolls, that you can order on her shapeways page - all things can be bought as 3D prints. Pashas can be order with a small or big bust, you can choose different facemolds, and buy an extra very realistic hands.


All the things I wrote you about are my personal thoughts and experiences, if you would like ask me something, please send me message I will be happy to answer. Please - do not ask for measurements, you will find such info on a website of each artist.  Some more pictures:




Each doll has different, unique feet. Sometimes you ask me if Popovy's shoes will fit Pasha's feet. Unfortunately not, below I would like to show you differences in feet shapes , from left to right:

Marmite Sue ballet feet, Popovy II/III body ballet feet, Popovy II/III body high heeled feet and Pasha Mini feet


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