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“There are no limits.”

The story behind Ursi Sarna brand is always same. All began one winter evening , when I was after (or in the middle?) of my semester exams. I was scrolling google in looking for fun and suddenly, I found pictures of incredible beautiful dolls. 

Dolls and figures were always one of my favourite toys, they were my friends and later became collectible items. 

Those beautiful dolls pictures was the art of Marina Bychkova. I fell in love, completely and deeply. Suddenly I found hobby even more obsessive than photography I loved so much.

I create fashion for dolls, but my adventure with dolls started from sculpting figures and bjd (ball jointed dolls).   Then I gave up with sculpting and start to develop my sewing skills.

The first doll in my collection was a blank Tonner Antoinette doll. Somehow I wanted to spoil ther and this way I discovered amazing an world of miniature… 

I create clothes and accessories for collectible (resin and porcelain) dolls. 

What I love the most is the process. Creative way to give a doll model a character. I am a self taught person, I achieved all of this by hours of hard work, trying on and on new techniques, new equipments and new ways to get the look I desire. 

Key for success? Never give up !

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if you are interested in commission, have any question about items, store or dolls subject – don’t hesitate to send me a message !

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