You have a question? What is bjd? What exactly you doing ...? What? I will answer to questions related with my hobby and job.

BJD (ball jointed dolls) – it’s a kind of a doll  that is articulated with ball and socket joints. A common bjd doll is support with elastics inside, so all parts and body elements work tight and make doll moves !

Yes, in general. Everything I present for sale in my store are items made by me by hand. In gallery, some of my dolls can wear a wig that are not made by me. I credit all others artists on my IG or FB pages.

Almost all of shoes you can see in my gallery or shop section were sculpted by hand. When I create new “model” of shoes, they are almost each time sculpted by hand. Then I create silicone molds and cast shoes myself. This is why they are durable and look so smooth. 

I also use 3d technology for printing mainly flat soles for boots. I also use my printer for making accessories when I work on commissions.

Yes I do ! Commission is a customer request – means I am making something according to your idea. You can send me a sketch, picture on google or anything that describe your perfect outfit and I am doing my best to meet your requirements.

I have a waitlist that you can be signed in – just contact me by social like Instagram  (u can find a link on top or bottom of my website) or send me an email by contact form or directly write to my gmail address. 

Waiting time on your turn can take from a few weeks to a few months.

I do not sell dolls. My dolls are my models, they are canvas I work on. I sell only fashion and accessories.

Dolls are made by individual artists or whole companies. You can purchase a particular doll by reaching the doll artist directly. BJDs are usually sold in pre-orders and then you need to be patient, cause production of dolls can take even months.  This is a hobby for patient people 😀

No. I usually make doll clothes to fit a doll like a glove. Some dolls are similar and can shear clothes. For more details you always need to ask other doll collectors or ask me directly.

Collectible dolls are not a hobby for people with low budget, unfortunately. Resin and porcelain dolls are usually made with a highest quality , made of expensive materials and takes really a lot of attention and efforts to create a really nice collectible little fellow. In fact you are buying  art. In fact each item made by hand, even in more quantities still will be suited just for you!


I did. You can see them in my gallery (accessories section). For today this project is paused.  It’s a work I am going to develop with time. I’ve  learnt a lot from the first batch of sterling silver accessories and with next batches I can add some improvements. I am also learning all the time ! I love jewelery so I can’t imagine more exclusive item for your doll !

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